Articles of Faith | Call No Man Father: A Common Misunderstanding of the Priesthood

On this Father's Day we explore the Catholic understanding of the Priesthood, where priests are called father. Catholics defend that this title is scriptural and consistent with a biblical understanding of Christianity.  That view, however, is a source of confusion for some men and women of goodwill, especially for many of our Evangelical Protestant brothers and sisters.  If pressed about the point even well-intentioned Catholics, lacking a clear understanding of the biblical evidence, have a hard time explaining why we call our parish priest by such a name.  In fact, Jesus’ words are quite clear, as found in Matthew’s Gospel account, when he says, "Call no one on earth your father ..." (Mt 23:9). So why is it that the Catholic Church has continued the practice, highlighting by name and title, that priests are appropriately called father?  The reason may surprise; and a deeper exploration of Holy Scripture reveals the answer to make one thing clear:  It’s scriptural and is deeply rooted in biblical religion. For more about this post and the Catholic understanding of the priesthood as "fathers" please click on the image. Happy Father's Day. Peace be with you!

Catechesis 101 | Holy Orders: Why do Catholics call priests “father” when Matthew 23:9 says “do not call anyone on earth father”?

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