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St. John Cantius Catholic Church, Passiontide, 5th Sunday of Lent, Chicago.

Passion Sunday

The 5th Sunday of Lent is historically known as “Passion Sunday” which ushers in the final two weeks of Lent, called “Passiontide.”  Passiontide is characterized by a heightened celebration of Lent as Easter approaches, reaching its peak during Holy Week.  During this period the faithful redouble their Lenten penances.  It is also customary on this day to shroud all the sacred images in the churches with purple cloths, except the Stations of the Cross.

On Good Friday the crucifixes are unveiled, while the other sacred images are unveiled on the afternoon of Holy Saturday in preparation for the Easter Vigil.  This imagery calls to mind how Christ hid his Divinity during his Passion and death, no longer performing miracles until his Resurrection from the dead.  Likewise, the holy images are veiled in imitation of their Lord, their glory being unveiled with the joy of the celebration of Easter.

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On this Sunday is celebrated the third scrutiny in preparation for the Baptism of the catechumens who are to be admitted to the Sacraments of Christian Initiation at the Easter Vigil, using the proper prayers and intercessions.”

from the Fifth Sunday of Lent Lectionary

Give me justice, O God,/ and plead my cause against a nation that is faithless./ From the deceitful and cunning rescue me,/ for you, O God, are my strength.”

Entrance Antiphon cf. Ps 43 (42):1-2


Saint Joseph, patron of the universal church, pray for us.

Be not afraid!  And may the peace of Christ be with you and your loved ones today and always.  Holy Family, pray for us.  Amen.

The Holy Family, Murillo
The Heavenly and Earthly Trinities (c. 1675-82) by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617 – 1682)

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