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Saint Colette (c.1520), by the Master of Lourinhã. Saint Colette of Corbie was a French abbess and the foundress of the Colettine Poor Clares, a reform branch of the Order of Saint Clare, better known as the Poor Clares.

Feast of Saint Colette of Corbie

(1381 – 1447)

St. Colette was born in Picardy, France, the daughter of a poor carpenter who served the local Benedictine abbey.  Her parents conceived her in their old age after praying to St. Nicholas for a child, naming Colette after him.  She became well known for her faith and spiritual wisdom from a young age.

After the death of her parents she joined the Third Order of St. Francis and became a hermit.  She led a life of asceticism and solitude until a dream revealed that God willed her to reform the Poor Clares.  She obeyed and joined the Poor Clares in 1406.  Her mission of reformation was sanctioned by Benedict XIII of Avignon (the anti-pope) who appointed her superior of each of the convents she reformed.  Despite resistance from within the Poor Clares, she successfully reformed several existing convents and founded 17 new ones dedicated to a stricter observance of the Poor Clares, known as the Colettines.

Colette experienced visions and ecstasies of Christ’s Passion, and even prophesied her own death.  Through her life’s work, St. Colette’s reformation breathed new life into the Poor Clares and created a lasting model of spirituality.

St. Colette is invoked as a patron saint of childless couples trying to conceive.

St. Colette’s feast day is March 6th.

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If there be a true way that leads to the Everlasting Kingdom, it is most certainly that of suffering, patiently endured.”

Saint Colette of Corbie

If through human weakness we fail, we must always without delay arise again, by means of holy penance, and give our attention to leading a good life and to dying a holy death.”

Saint Colette of Corbie
For more about Saint Colette as patron of childless couples trying to conceive please visit Anna at her blog site "To make a Mommy" at https://www.tomakeamommy.com/saint-colette-of-corbie-patron-saint-of-childless-couples/.


Saint Colette, patron of childless couples trying to conceive, pray for us.

Be not afraid!  And may the peace of Christ be with you and your loved ones today and always.  Holy Family, pray for us.  Amen.

The Holy Family, Murillo
The Heavenly and Earthly Trinities (c. 1675-82) by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617 – 1682)

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