Saints Alive! | The Presentation of the Lord

Today, the Church celebrates the Feast of The Presentation of the Lord. From Magnificat Magazine: As the Son of God, Jesus is already “consecrated to the Lord.” Yet Mary and Joseph present him in the Temple in fulfillment of the Law so that Israel could encounter its long-awaited consolation and redemption. In presenting the Redeemer to the Lord, our Lady offers herself—and all of us—in union with him in his saving mission. She will endure the sword of sorrow, and in doing so will become an intimate sharer in his merits. When we offer ourselves to the Father in the hands of our mother Mary, we can be sure it is pleasing and acceptable to the Lord... Simeon and Anna waited in patient faith for the dawning of the Sun of Justice. Let us seek the Lord with all our hearts as they did, so that we too may recognize him when he comes into our lives. For more about this feast, please click on the image. Peace be with you!