Saints Alive! | St. Louis IX of France

Louis IX, commonly known as Saint Louis or Louis the Saint, is the only King of France to be canonized in the Catholic Church. Louis was crowned in Reims at the age of 12, following the death of his father Louis VIII; his mother, Blanche of Castile, ruled the kingdom as regent until he reached maturity. For more about this saint, a King for Christ, please click on the image. Peace be with you!

Wit & Wisdom | A Just King Raises Up the Earth

Saint Louis was born in 1214 and became king of France when he was only twelve years old. He married and became the father of eleven children who received from him careful instruction for a Christian life. Here we have from Saint Louis a spiritual testament to his son. For words of wit and wisdom from Saint Louis IX of France please click on the image. Peace be with you!