Saints Alive! | St. Clement of Rome

St. Clement of Rome, also known as Pope St. Clement I, is considered the first Apostolic Father of the Church. He was Bishop of Rome after Peter, Linus and Cletus. He lived towards the end of the first century, but nothing is known for certain about his life. He is mentioned by name in the Bible by the Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:3. St. Clement is also said to be one of the band of seventy followers of Jesus' ministry as described in the Gospels. Clement was a disciple of St. Peter and was ordained by him, and later became the fourth Bishop of Rome. Of his life and death little is known, but he has left one definite writing that has survived: a letter to the Church in Corinth, Greece. It is the first known Patristic document, and exhorts them to peace and brotherly harmony. The Basilica of St. Clement is one of the earliest parish churches of Rome and was built on the site of his home. Pope St. Clement I is the patron saint of mariners, sailors, marble-workers, stone-cutters, and sick children. For more about this saint, please click on the image. Peace be with you!