Divine Office | It is a holy thought to pray for the dead

In today's Office of Readings we encounter a reading from a sermon by St. Gregory Nazianzen (329 - 390 A.D.). Gregory Nazianzen, “Gregory of Nazianzus”, was the son of Gregory, Bishop of Nazianzus, a Christian convert. (Nazianzus is a small town in Cappadocia, now the village of Nenizi in the Turkish province of Aksaray). He is one of three men we call “the Cappadocian Fathers”. These three were active after the Council of Nicaea, working to formulate Trinitarian doctrine precisely and, in particular, to pin down the meaning and role of the least humanly comprehensible member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit (credit: Universalis.com). For a reflection, "It is a holy thought to pray for the dead," please click on the image. Peace be with you!