Divine Office | The Holy Spirit renews us in baptism

In today's Office of Readings we encounter a reading from the treatise "On the Trinity" by Didymus of Alexandria (ca. 310-395 A.D.). Didymus was a leading opponent of Arianism, which held that Christ is not truly divine but a created being. His Trinitarian and Christological doctrine is perfectly orthodox. He was a pioneer in expressing the doctrine of the Trinity in a way that was clear and unambiguous and could not be misunderstood. This was a delicate business requiring a careful choice of terms, especially in Greek, which lacked a direct equivalent of straightforward Latin words such as persona. “On the Trinity”, which is used in the Office of Readings, is his most important work. For a reflection, "The Holy Spirit renews us in baptism," please click on the image. Peace be with you!