Saints Alive! | Bl. Miguel Agustín Pro

Miguel was born in 1891 in Guadalupe. He was the oldest living boy of eleven children, and his family was deeply Catholic. By the time he was twenty years old, he knew he was called to the priesthood and entered the Jesuit order. After years of trying to find a reason to imprison him, Miguel Pro was arrested by the Mexican government under the false charge he attempted to assassinate the former Mexican President. The government skipped the trial process and quickly sentenced him to death by firing squad. On his walk from his prison cell to the courtyard where he was to be shot, Miguel blessed the soldiers. His last request was to be allowed a moment to kneel and pray. Then he stood bravely, refusing a blindfold, and faced his executioners. Before they shot him, he forgave them aloud. He raised his arms out like Christ on the Cross. As the soldiers shot him, Miguel cried out, “Viva Cristo Rey!” which means, “Long live Christ the King!” The Mexican authorities, in an effort to intimidate the Mexican people from their religious practices, placed photos of the assassinations in the local papers. Instead, the Mexican people used the photos as holy cards, which was a sign that their faith only strengthened as they witnessed such Christian courage in the face of brutal atheism from their own government. Miguel Pro and his companions, 20th Century martyrs, are a reminder, again, that everywhere where Atheism has spread, when it seeps into totalitarian governmental regimes, as we've seen throughout history, Christian persecutions follow; and persecuted finally to the end of a barrel of a gun. The empty philosophy of atheism down through the ages, and such anti-Christian sentiment of Miguel Pro's day and today, will never understand Tertullian (160-220 A.D.): "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." For more about this saint, please click on the image. Peace be with you!