Saints Alive! | St. Olivia of Palermo

Saint Olivia is the patron of Trivigliano, Italy. Details of her life are not well known. She is thought to have lived in the 9th century in Sicily and was the daughter of a noble family. At the age of 13 she was kidnapped by Muslims and was possibly taken to Tunis. She is reported to have converted many to Christianity, arousing the wrath of Muslim authorities. It is believed she had been tortured and beheaded. St. Olivia is one of the patron saints of music.

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Divine Office | The crossing of the Jordan

In today's Office of Readings we encounter a reading from a sermon by Origen of Alexandria (184-254 A.D.).

Origen is a giant among early Christian thinkers. He was knowledgeable in all the arguments of the Greek philosophical schools but believed firmly in the Bible as the only source of true inspiration. He is thus a representative of that curious hybrid called “Christianity”, which on the one hand maintains (like the Jews) an ongoing direct relationship with the living God, who is the principle and source of being itself, but on the other hand maintains (like the Greeks) that everything makes sense rationally and it is our duty to make sense of it. As the Gospels say (but the Pentateuch does not), “You shall love the Lord your God with all your mind”. (Credit: from our friends at

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Saints Alive! | St. Ephrem the Syrian (Deacon)

Born in the early 4th Century, during his lifetime he was a poet, teacher, orator, and defender of the Christian faith. St. Ephrem is the only Syrian recognized as a doctor of the Church. He took upon himself the special task of opposing the many false doctrines rampant at his time, always remaining a true and forceful defender of the Catholic Church.

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