About the Author

Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you (Jn 21:17).

An aspiring saint, I’m a husband, father (of five), son, grandson, brother, uncle, blogger, Christian and exhausted most days.

My life’s mission is to fulfill my potential.  As Christ increases and I decrease (Jn 3:30) – God willing – I’ll get there.  On my best days I let the Lord’s will be done.  On most days, though, I battle against my selfish desires.

My wife is my hero.  We married in 1998.  We received the Sacrament of Confirmation together in 2012 and had our marriage blessed by the Catholic Church after fourteen years of civil marriage (this means, by God’s grace, we sanctified our marriage by receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony, one of the seven sacraments Catholicism celebrates).  We had four kids before our 35th birthday and a bonus baby at age 43.  I thank God for my kids and my wife each day.  I’m blessed to have married my Guardian Angel.

I pray, dear reader, in some small way this expression of faith working through love — this Reason2bCatholic blog — guided by the Holy Spirit, will one day encourage one soul to Christ because of our encounter.

“… When our hearts are open the Lord can change and transform us, so that one day we can speak with love about the One who is love.”

– Francis Cardinal George

So, let our hearts be open to one another and to the love of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Be not afraid!  And may the peace of Christ be with you and your loved ones today and always.

Holy Family pray for us … Amen.

Christopher Ahearn is a parishioner of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in Draper, Utah of the Salt Lake City Diocese.  He graduated from the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) in Newport, Rhode Island and the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, serving tours of duty in Kodiak and Juneau, Alaska, Virginia Beach, Virginia and Port Angeles, Washington.  He enjoys military, political history and reading biographies.  A student of Salvation History he is author of my My Daily Bread: A Reason2bCatholic Blog (www.reason2bcatholic.com).  An avid tennis fan he is working to attain a 4.5 USTA rating someday (currently 4.0).  Chris and his wife, Holly, reside with their five children in the Salt Lake City area.

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